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PBR: Riding High on Values, American Pride, and Grit

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Emerging from the heart of America is a sport, fierce and deeply rooted in our nation’s ethos – bull riding. The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) organization, driven by their leader and CEO Sean Gleason, is the embodiment of the values that we hold dear – courage, faith, and fraternity. Their relentless dedication to this intense sport has spotlighted bull riding as a symbol of grit, belief, and unity.

Grit, Faith, and Glory

Navigating through adversity, athletes within the PBR community often find faith as their compass. Athletes like Jose Vitor Leme, whose deep-seated faith and unyielding commitment to his sport, have become the beacon for others to follow. Sean Gleason, PBR’s CEO, acknowledges the instrumental role faith plays in his life and its impact on the PBR family, “Bull riding is a beautiful mosaic of different cultures and backgrounds, with faith being the binding thread.”

Austin Gamblers – The Ride Premiere

Austin Gamblers

Riders, such as those in the Austin Gamblers’ roster, are the living embodiment of the values that this sport reveres. Their origins, often humble, mark the beginning of an uphill journey, one paved with tenacity and resilience, inspired by their faith and dreams. These riders symbolize the warriors among us, whose tales of triumph continue to inspire.

An American Legacy

Bull riding is distinctly American, echoing the audacious spirit and indomitable will that has penned our nation’s story. It encapsulates the classic cowboy spirit, a timeless symbol of grit and determination. As Sean Gleason articulates, “Our sport is a tribute to the quintessential American cowboy, an epitome of strength and autonomy. We strive to personify their spirit and honor their legacy.”

Echoing this sentiment is JJ Gotsch, CEO of the Austin Gamblers, underscoring the importance of our nation’s history in the world of bull riding. “The bedrock of our sport is rooted in the time-honored American spirit that built this nation,” he states. “It’s about confronting adversities, nurturing the courage to tame fears, and fostering a sense of community.”

Unity within an Individual Sport

In the arena of bull riding, the air brims with a sense of fierce competition amongst riders competing, often injured, for the title of PBR Champion. And despite that rivalry, the air brims with a sense of community and camaraderie too. Riders stand in solidarity with their peers, weaving an intricate bond that extends beyond the sport. Strangely, they demonstrate a belief that together, they are unstoppable. It’s not uncommon to watch competing riders assist one another in the bucking shoot. There is a common understanding of the risk within the sport, further bonding these athletes to one another. Proof that camaraderie can complement competition.

PBR World Finals


As Sean Gleason points out, “Riders challenge each other to scale new heights, but also applaud their competitors’ triumphs.” This blend of rivalry and unity cultivates an environment that fosters growth and success.

Jose Vitor Leme

Austin Gamblers

The same rings true for JJ Gotsch’s philosophy in building bull riding teams during the PRB Team Series. He likens it to putting together a SEAL squad, recognizing the need for individuals who can amplify each other’s strengths and values. This ethos forms the foundation of the Austin Gamblers, with a collective mission to uplift not just individuals but the entire sport.

Where Everyone’s a Cowboy

If you attend a PBR event, you are sure to discover that the cowboy spirit can exist in any American, regardless of their upbringing or geographic location. PBR celebrates the spirit of the dauntless cowboy mindset, the warrior’s ethos, and unwavering faith and community. Beliefs that have defined America back to 1776. Beliefs lend to common values that bind the community, resonate with the audiences, and form a bond that surpasses the confines of the arena. 

As fans, we should revel in this remarkable sport and the qualities it stands for – the very values that have been integral to America’s narrative through the centuries.

If you’re still undecided about attending a PBR event, consider watching ‘The Ride’ TV series, which premiered on Amazon Prime on May 30, 2023. 

This captivating eight-episode docuseries, a co-production by Prime Video Sports, Kinetic Content, and PBR, explores the thrilling world of PBR. ‘The Ride’ offers viewers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes glimpse into one of the most rapidly expanding sports globally, immersing them in the daily lives of its most prominent stars and providing fans with unparalleled proximity to the action


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